Sandhill and Sun Ranch



Type of Business

Providing consulting services to for-profit and not-for-profit entities wishing to maintain the long-term viability of enterprises based on Great Plains Grasslands.

Senior Consultant

Dr. Al Steuter - Grassland Ecologist and Ranch Owner/Operator

Operating Philosophy

Biological diversity is to ecosystem health what enterprise diversity is to economic health ©

Mission Statement

Consulting will provide science-based services to individuals and companies committed to profitable uses of renewable natural resources within operational strategies that build on the underlying value of biological and enterprise diversity.


  1. Provide clients access to practical applications of the science that supports sound resource management on native rangelands of the Great Plains.
  2. Assist clients in identifying and developing profitable enterprises that are resilient in an unpredictable business and climate environment.
  3. Build client profitability that is highly leveraged by the primary ecological processes that maintain rangeland resilience over the long-term.
  4. Assist clients in identifying and implementing low-input strategies consistent with extensive rangeland resources managed for sustained profitability.
  5. Maintain high ethical standards in completing work outlines in all contracts.

Specializing In:

Fire Ecology and Management
Ranch Selection and Grazing Management
Prescribed Burning Bison Ecology and Management