Sandhill and Sun Ranch


Cattle Management


The Sandhill & Sun Ranch cattle are commercial Red Angus.  We raise our own replacement females, but purchase registered bulls developed to meet our cattle management objectives.  Our selection is for moderate framed cattle that are efficient converters of native standing forages into high quality beef with minimum winter protein supplementation.  Concentrated protein cubes, or a mix of ground alfalfa and grass hay, are primarily reserved for the younger cows, yearlings and calves.  Cattle receiving supplementation remain in a pasture setting or have continuous access to pasture.  The Ranch buys a one month/year supply of hay from nearby sources to use as emergency feed following extreme winter blizzards.

The Ranch cow herd is bred to calve from mid-May to early July.  Calves receive vaccinations in September and again in October or November.  Calves are typically weaned in mid-to-late December, at which time they along with other cattle receive a de-wormer.  In years with an early onset of severe winter conditions, calves are weaned earlier to reduce winter stress on the cow herd.

Sandhill & Sun Ranch cattle receive antibiotics only in response to acute sickness, and then only on an individual animal basis.  Cattle receiving antibiotics are permanently identified and marketed separately.  No growth promoting hormones are used either as implants or feed supplements.  Cattle are provided salt and an all-natural mineral free choice within the pasture setting.

Depending on market conditions and customer demand, Sandhill & Sun Ranch cattle are offered as stocker calves, yearlings, or finished for all natural suppliers of beef.  At times we have finished our own or purchased yearlings on grass.