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Al and Lois Steuter

89019 Norden Avenue
Johnstown, NE 69214-9776

Biological Diversity is to Ecosystem Health what Enterprise Diversity is to Economic Health © 

The Sandhill & Sun Ranch occupies 2,662 acres of Sand Hills Prairie rangeland in northwestern Brown County, Nebraska.  At times we lease additional grazing lands.  The approximate geographic center of the ranch is at 42o 43’ 23” North Latitude, 100o 06’ 00’ West Longitude.  There are no tilled acres on the ranch.  Cattle grazing is the primary commercial land management activity.  However, prescribed burning and mechanical treatments are also used as necessary to prevent eastern red cedar from spreading within the grassland and to improve the forage quality. 

The Sandhill & Sun Ranch is conservatively stocked to insure long-term sustainable grazing for the cattle herd on standing perennial forage on a year-long basis.  Sixteen pastures, ranging in size from 20 to 560 acres, allow for seasonally deferred grazing rotations that maintain high grassland diversity, productivity, and quality. 

The Sandhill & Sun Ranch is committed to maintaining healthy populations of native plant and animal species.  Mule deer, sharp-tailed grouse, pronghorn antelope, badger and prairie dogs are common along with the suite of prairie birds, small mammals, and insects.  Hunting is allowed on the Ranch, but is limited to family members and friends.